Sometimes, no matter what a driver does, things just don't fall his way in a race. It’s what happened to Fisi last weekend in Monaco…


這就是上週摩納哥 GP 時,FISICO 的最佳寫照。

 Fisico arrived in Monaco full of hope for a strong showing. The R26 was flying on Thursday and Saturday, and he really felt in the groove around the narrow streets. But then, qualifying just didn't come together for him. His first flying lap in Q3 saw him hit traffic, the second was spoiled by the yellow flags in Rascasse, and then a retroactive penalty was applied that deleted his best times from Q3 and left the Italian tenth on the grid – to become ninth after Michael Schumacher was put to the back. Without the penalty, Fisico would have started fourth – ahead of Juan Pablo Montoya, who went on to finish second…




更糟的是,最後還被罰退到第十位.....= =+ (最後從第九位出發。)



瞎咪?黑面蔡你老人家說什麼?沒聽到沒聽到 ╮(﹀_﹀")╭

  “Fisico started the race in the worst possible conditions,” explained Denis Chevrier, Renault's Head of Trackside Engine Operations. “He had a fuel strategy that had been designed based on a qualifying position at the front of the field. Then he was put amongst cars that were heavier fuelled – and who had a clear strategic advantage over him.”

Denis Chevrier:「我們家的 Fisico 真的是一整個衰到不行啊.....@@" 



As he went to the grid, Fisico had a steely glint in his eye. (← 要燃燒小宇宙了嗎?XD)He knew that it was going to be a long afternoon, but also that he had the opportunity to do something special by driving an aggressive race. He would be in traffic for much of the Grand Prix, but his fate was in his own hands. If he could make things happen for him, then maybe he could score points, and overcome the disadvantage of his starting slot. The Italian knew that he would have to work hard just to hold his position by the flag.

FISICO 上場前就知道這個週末的下午將會非常的艱困,





The first signal of intent came as he exited Ste Devote on lap 1 – and elegantly disposed of Jarno Trulli on the run up the hill, a move to be replicated by Kimi Raikkonen one lap later on Mark Webber at the front of the field. After that, the first stint saw him holding station, pressuring the cars in front without ever quite being able to pass them. But in the second part of the race, he cut loose – disposing of Rosberg, Coulthard, Villeneuve and Liuzzi in the space of just over ten laps…




好,剛剛超我車的有螺絲堡小弟,DC,JV ,還有同鄉的小路....o(‵▽′)ψ (筆記)

Alas, much of it was for nought when the Safety Car came out on lap 49, allowing the one-stopping cars to continue as Fisico dove for the pits –negating the advantage he could have built up in the ten laps he still had left to race before he would have pitted for the second time. But even so – it’s not every day you knock down a myth, and in Monaco, Giancarlo did just that. Overtaking at Monaco is impossible? Not any more…!

趁著安全車出動,老大趕緊衝回 pit 加油,回到場上之後,FISICO 主演的 

Mission: Impossible---Monaco 篇就正式上演啦XDD

  “It was a pretty special afternoon,” grinned Fisico after he had completed 78 gruelling laps. “To overtake just one person in Monaco is an achievement, but five is something I am quite proud of to be honest. (← 果然夠三八XDDD)I think people saw on TV when I got Coulthard and Villeneuve into the chicane, but the cameras missed the move when I got Rosberg on the entry to Mirabeau – and also Liuzzi, when I went round the outside in Rascasse! It was pretty adventurous out on the marbles, but the line seemed to work quite well…”

FISICO:超一個人不算什麼,有本事就連超五次啊!!<( ̄︶ ̄)/




鼓掌的鼓掌,歡呼的歡乎,只差沒有衝出 pit 放鞭炮慶祝了....(大笑)


還不忘提醒大家,攝影師只拍到他超 DC 跟 JV 大叔的畫面,






結果被老大這樣一逼急了的小路,還特地「打電話」回去給 pit 問說,

到底是哪一台雷諾在我後面啊啊啊啊啊!? 我要不要讓啊!?」XDDDDD

結果 pit 回答說,在你後面的是 Giancarlo 你不能隨便讓啊XD


In football, people like to talk about “bouncebackability” – the capacity of a team to deal with the knocks and come back even stronger. Fisico has it in spades – and on the way to sixth place and three valuable points, he treated the fans to a spectacular display of F1 driving as well. He, for one, can’t wait for Silverstone. He loves the track and its high speed sweeps – and the R26 ran well there in testing. “We know we will be quick. We want both cars on the podiums,” concluded a determined Fisi as he left Monaco on Sunday evening, third in the drivers’ championship and hungry for more.

  在足球界,有時候我們會討論一個隊伍的「反擊能力」,FISICO 就是有這種能力,


讓人更加期待英國站,FISICO 和大頭新同學會有什麼更精采的表現了^^

老大:誰說摩納哥超不了車的 <( ̄︶ ̄)> 

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