In response to the same forces that have propelled the world economy toward global integration, universities have also become more self-consciously global: seeking students from around the world who represent the entire spec­ trum of cultures and values, sending their own students abroad to prepare them for global careers, offering courses of study that address the challenges of an inter­ connected world and collaborative research programs to advance science for the benefit of all humanity. To capture these developments, NEWSWEEK devised a ranking of global universities that takes into account openness and diversity, as well as distinction in research.

We evaluated schools on some of the measures used in well-known rankings published by Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Times of London Higher Education Survey. Fifty percent of the score came from equal parts of three measures used by Shanghai Jiatong: the number of highly-cited researchers in various academic fields, the number of articles published in Nature and Science, and the number of articles listed in the ISI Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities indices. Another 40 percent of the score came from equal parts of four measures used by the Times: the percentage of international faculty, the percentage of international students, citations per faculty member (using ISI data), and the ratio of faculty to students. The final 10 percent came from library holdings (number of volumes).

Here is our ranking:

1. Harvard University  

2. Stanford University  

3. Yale University  

4. California Institute of Technology  

5. University of California at Berkeley  

6. University of Cambridge  

7. Massachusetts Institute Technology   

8. Oxford University  

9. University of California at San Francisco  

10. Columbia University  

11. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor  

12. University of California at Los Angeles  

13. University of Pennsylvania  

14. Duke University  

15. Princeton Universitty  

16. Tokyo University  

17. Imperial College London  

18. University of Toronto  

19. Cornell University  

20. University of Chicago  

21. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich  

22. University of Washington at Seattle  

23. University of California at San Diego  

24. Johns Hopkins University  

25. University College London






還贏過 Johns Hopkings 以及UC San Diego 呢(樂)




老爸當年的迷你小蘇打(XD),呃,是 U of  Minnesota Twin City 排名30~


澳洲新南威爾斯大學(U of New South Wales)排在64,

被我笑稱是玉米田大學的 Purdue 則是在86名。












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