爐主:Giancarlo Fisichella

得獎原因:再被腦殘的 FIA 看上。

Fisichella punished by stewards

Renault's Giancarlo Fisichella has had his three fastest times from Monaco qualifying deleted after stewards decided he had impeded Red Bull driver David Coulthard during a flying lap.

Fisichella had qualified in fifth place, with Coulthard four places behind in ninth. The Italian's penalty is likely to drop him to tenth on the grid, which will be published by the FIA on Sunday morning, with Coulthard, Juan Pablo Montoya, Rubens Barrichello and Jarno Trulli all set to gain a place.

The stewards accepted that Fisichella's actions may not have been deliberate, but wth overtaking so difficult in Monaco, the penalty nevertheless deals a severe blow to his hopes of victory in Sunday's race.


上次歐洲站 JV 大叔擋你,他只是被罰退後一位,



FIA,你腦殘也要有點限度吧!┴┴ ︵╰(‵□′)╯︵ ┴┴ 



在 pit 疑似擋君君的下場就是買麥當勞得來速....= ="




扛爐:Michael Schumacher 


Schumacher is stripped of pole

Michael Schumacher has been moved to the back of the grid for the Monaco Grand Prix after stewards concluded that he deliberately blocked the track in the closing stages of qualifying, preventing rivals from beating his time. 


The decision - which came eight hours later - means Renault's Fernando Alonso will now start from pole position with the Williams of Mark Webber alongside him. Schumacher is demoted to the back row, where he will join Ferrari team mate Felipe Massa, who crashed out of qualifying without setting a time.

Schumacher appeared to lock his brakes and then run wide as he entered the final Rascasse corner in the dying moments of the session. The former champion regained control without hitting the barriers, but came to a halt with his stalled car partially blocking the circuit, forcing other drivers to slow down.

Following the session, the stewards heard evidence concerning the incident from Schumacher - who claimed it was a genuine error - as well as Ferrari personnel. They also reviewed video footage and data evidence supplied by the team and the FIA.

Their finding was that Schumacher had no justifiable reason for braking so hard, as he had been traveling little or no quicker than at the same point on previous laps. They therefore concluded that he deliberately stopped his car on the circuit, an infringement of the sporting regulations.

As punishment the stewards deleted all of Schumacher's qualifying times, hence his move to the back of the grid, from where he has little or no chance of taking a record-equaling sixth Monaco Grand Prix win.

Ferrari's Jean Todt expressed the team's displeasure at the stewards' findings, saying: “We totally disagree with it. Such a decision creates a very serious precedent, ruling out the possibility of driver error. Michael was on his final timed lap and he was trying to put his first place beyond doubt, as could be seen from the fact that his first split time was the best and could have seen him do another very good lap. With no real evidence, the stewards have assumed he is guilty."

The FIA will publish the grid in full as usual on Sunday morning.



情何以堪啊 >"<


大舒哥哥的狠勁以前就聽說過,例如殺到 Pit 裡去找 DC大叔算帳,








p.s 這真的非常像 Doulble One 裡面阿修會幹的事情,



顧爐:Fernando Alonso


Q: Talk us through your emotions; you don't seem too happy about it. Do you think things could have been handled any differently?

FA: Well, I don't know. I do my maximum in the car, today it was OK, the car was performing really well. I think I had a good strategy and fantastic tyres for the race, so we have to wait and see tomorrow, but after dominating all weekend, to lose the lap because of an accident is not really a good moment.


可憐的大頭新同學,明明就是桿位被搶走,無緣無故被酸的亂七八糟.....= =+


本來這一站歡樂的氣氛,全部被顧爐三兄弟給搞悶了....= =+


而且 SPEED TV 又「照例」延了一個禮拜才播 Monaco GP,

害我不僅要早起看重播,還要忍受 CBS 那個討人厭的主播的噪音攻擊....Orz



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